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Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2016 | Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

Its officially upon us- one of the busiest times of the year for wedding planning! As a huge lover of fashion, I had to check out what the designers are putting out there for 2016's wedding season. So many awesome dresses in all price ranges are out there right now, I'm crossing my fingers for one of these beauties to make its way in front of my camera this year. While that last few years have been largely about lace and hippy-vintage styles, we've got some new things coming our way now. Lace, while still very much a trend, is being shown more in paisley-like patterns instead of florals.  1930's inspired beading is huge right now, also coming in really interesting patterns and designs instead of florals. I'm really excited about this trend. Though they look great on everyone, a favorite trends of the ladies with more than a b-cup is the abundance of straps and cap sleeves. No worries though- strapless are still easily found but there's a lot more variety happening with the tops. Last, but very much not least, 2016 wedding gowns are getting SEXY! From super risque see-through ones with perfect lace placement (as to not have a peep show), to illusion dresses, to deeeeeep V necklines- dresses this year are hotter than ever. Here's a little preview of some of my favorites- try them out next time you're dress shopping and see what works for you!

*remember, these images are from the designers sites, not me!

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