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Perfect Imperfections

I met one of the best friends a girl could have when Amy and I worked together at an Ann Arbor restaurant 11 years ago. I was at the beginning of photography school and always on the hunt for new models to shoot. Amy had the kind of look that I'm particularly drawn to, really with most everything in life (people, art, jewelry, etc)- pretty but different. Often when I am curious or like something, I'm a bit......forward. Usually most people realize pretty quickly that I'm not judging or making fun of them. I was never 100% sure WHEN she caught on to that fact given our first real conversation went something like this:

ME: Hey. Can I take pictures of you sometime?
AMY: ......................................... why?
ME: I like your scar. What happened?
AMY: I was born with cleft palate.
ME: OOOOOOOH (I had no idea what that was) So can I shoot you sometime?
AMY: Sure?

While that awkward conversation could have gone an even more awkward direction, It was the single reason we started hanging out and I will forever be grateful that I'm weirdly forward. Our friendship has grown so much over the years- she has talked me through some ridiculously tough times, lent me her logic when mine goes on unscheduled vacations, and even though shes now across the country, been right with me for some amazingly funny times. We also share some oh-so-precious-to-me inside jokes AND she actually trusts me when I tell her to as I'm putting on way more makeup than shes used to and giving her a comb over. Now THAT is friendship.

So, when the coolest person ever comes to Michigan to visit and it has been 3 years since you last shot her... its got to happen. Even though we only had one day to get in all our visiting we squeezed a mini shoot into it. I was in "wing it" mode and had very little plan for it till, like, the day before but Amy did wonderfully. My plan didn't quite go as I was hoping but thats one of the great parts about photography off season. You try new things, you maybe fail, you learn, and you have FUN. I did all of these all while getting to hang out with one of my favorite people and getting to be surrounded in all the beauty of her personality while showing you all how freaking beautiful she is to look at.

Daighna is an Ann Arbor, MIchigan based photographer who loves fashion, snacks, pets that cuddle, and making new friends