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Katie contacted me a mere 3 weeks before her and Derek's wedding and I couldn't have been more thrilled that I was available to shoot it. I instantly liked her when we talked on the phone and was super stoked to be part of their day by the time we hung up.

Katie and Derek's wedding was held at the beautiful Sunken Gardens at Cooley Gardens and the equally interesting Old Town Marquee in Lansing MI. Their ceremony was not only gorgeous but wonderfully personal- even involving the participation of their guests. I can honestly say it was one of my favorite ceremonies in my years as a wedding photographer. Their day continued to unfold in a way so true to the couple; a way where they actually ENJOYED the day, going with the flow and not stressing about the small stuff. We paused their portraits so Katie could give Derek a special gift: tickets to go see one of his favorite bands in Chicago! He couldn't have tried not to look excited if he wanted to. Katie and Derek even let me steal them out of their reception to snap a few more photos of them in the (prettiest ever) weeds on the side of the building at the end of the night.

I couldn't have asked for a better surprise booking than these two and I am just thrilled that I got to be part of their day.

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