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newborn baby eric

Newborns are a new venture for me. Not just in a photography sense, but as a whole. Ive just never really had a newborn in my life so when I started thinking I wanted to dabble into photographing them, part of me was thinking I was crazy. When my sister in law got pregnant, I thought more about it and decided, yes. Their baby would be my guinea pig. Lots of tutorials and months later it was time to actually try my hand in the world of newborn photography. My drive to their house I felt like I had 2 personalities. Part of me was thinking- YES! I totally have this. Im going to rock it and they will be amazing! Then the other part was like....oh crap. What if Im terrible at this? In reality, it went about somewhere in between. I got some really adorable shots of baby Eric, and I failed in some other posing attempts. It really is a testament to the need of hands on experience in an area of photography before you start making a business from it. I will find myself a few more newborn models, learn a lot more, and we'll just have to see if this is part of my calling in life! Till then, check out a few of my favorites of my itty-bitty nephew Eric!

Daighna is an Ann Arbor, MIchigan based photographer who loves fashion, snacks, pets that cuddle, and making new friends