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an ypsilanti corner brewery and ann arbor michigan wedding

A mutual friend suggested to Brian and Christina that they should meet. They checked out each others pictures and decided it was definitely a good idea. The first time they met, the normally shy Christina, went right in for a hug and cheek kiss. Some people just KNOW when they've met the one and this was the case with them. Brian and Christina's mutual love of concerts, traveling, outdoor fun, and of course Phish played its roll in confirming that they truly were a match made in festival heaven. Such a fun, spirited couple was destined to plan a fun, spirited wedding. The night was full of laughter, dancing, local Mexican food, and the occasion outburst of "NAYLOR RAGE!". A night perfect for celebrating the marriage of two people so perfect for each other. I'm so happy to have met these two but I'm even happier that they chose to meet each other.

Daighna is an Ann Arbor, MIchigan based photographer who loves fashion, snacks, pets that cuddle, and making new friends