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My photographic style is a lot like my personal style. Its emotional, colorful, eclectic, and breaks the rules now and then. I get giddy over fashion and my work is always, in some way, inspired by the fashion world- which helps me to create images that have a truly individual feel. I'm inspired by genuine people with beautiful hearts who are unapologetically awesome and quirky. People have a way of making my brain go crazy with inspiration and fun ideas and I've developed an unfortunate habit of staring at people because of it. I try not to but...oops. I absolutely love to use light in artistic, interesting ways when I have the chance but I'm a make-it-work kind of girl and can make whatever I'm given into something pretty great. I love my job and I don't ever want to not love it, so whether in my work or personal life, I do my best to surround myself with people that I really connect with; a quest that turns potential clients into friends. And, think about it- not much can compare to being photographed by someone who actually knows you and thinks you're frickin awesome.

Before you meet me, you should know:

  • I'll probably hug you when we first meet.
  • I'm a firm believer that the dirtier your wedding dress gets, the more fun you had- lets have some fun.
  • It's all about the PDA. I will make you smush, cuddle, snuggle, and squeeze each other.
  • I want to create unique images for you and your day, not a bunch of copies of other photos you've seen elsewhere.

Do I sound like your kind of photographer? Great! Get in touch here!

Daighna is an Ann Arbor, MIchigan based photographer who loves fashion, snacks, pets that cuddle, and making new friends